Coronavirus Assistance Program

Coronavirus Pandemic Mixing/Mastering Program

Covid-19 has created a real mess for all of us, especially if you are a musician or band that had begun to develop significantly and now has been derailed by the pandemic. Believe me, I lost a client tour and came down with it myself a few months later. I want to help you if I can. We can work together to see that you get the recordings that you need. For the next few months, and on a one-time-only basis, I will accept significantly reduced rates to help you get back on your feet.

Please fill out the form completely. If you need help recording your own music to save money, I can advise you on that. 

50% down is needed to start the process. The rest is due on approval of the finished work. I will consider 2 or 3 monthly payments. The link coming up will give you an idea of what to expect, HERE

I look forward to hearing from you and listening to your music!

Timothy Buss