DIY Topics

 These are articles that specifically give you information for the DIY musician. 

How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists

 Stream counts are a big indicator of success on Spotify, but there’s another factor that plays an enormous role: the number of times your tracks have been added to playlists. READ HERE

How To Add Personality To Your Email Campaigns. 

When it comes to promoting a show or event, email is your best friend, as it still yields a higher return on investment than many forms of promotion. READ HERE

How to Advertise Your Music on Facebook. 

Having a Facebook fan page for your music has so many benefits besides displaying your “like” count to the world. Some advantages of fan pages over personal pages are rather obvious — such as separating your personal and professional life, having no fan limit (versus the 5,000 friend cap on personal pages), using Insights to get key metrics about your fans, and getting taken more seriously as an artist overall. READ HERE

How to Advertise Your Music Using Google Adwords. 

You’ve probably tried boosting your posts on Facebook, and maybe you’ve even run a few ads on Instagram. But have you ever considered how powerful Google’s search network can be for advertising your music? READ HERE

How to Sell Music and Merch At Your Shows.

When it comes to selling merch and music at live shows, it’s not uncommon for musicians to feel uncomfortable and out-of-their-element. This unsettling feeling usually causes musicians to avoid sales altogether. READ HERE

How to post a link to your music on Spotify as an Instagram Story. 

Anyway, it’s easy. And awesome. It gives you a chance to drive streaming activity using a wildly popular aspect (stories) of a wildly popular social platform (Instagram). READ HERE

How to make a legit music video: advice from Wons Phreely. 

Wons Phreely is an Australian-born, LA-based synth-pop artist who’s been getting rave reviews from all over, including KCRW. He also happens to make his own striking music videos. One, in particular, caught my eye where he sings the whole song as a disembodied head who’s carried from place to place. READ HERE