Facebook Training Guide

Learn how to effectively use facebook to market your way to success!

This is an ebook that you download and own! No having to access a website to use it!

Now updated for 2019!

This training is comprised of 20 chapters organized into 4 sections. Here is exactly what you are going to learn: 

Section 1: Facebook Marketing Basics 

In Chapters 1 through 4, we’ll talk about: 

What Is Facebook All About? 
What Is Facebook Marketing? 
How Can Facebook Marketing Help Your Business? 
Facebook Marketing Facts To Consider 

Section 2: Facebook Marketing - Step by Step 

In Chapters 5 through 10, we’ll talk about: 

Facebook Walkthrough 
Creating A Facebook Page for Marketing 
Creating And Promoting A Facebook Page Post 
The Facebook Ads Manager 
Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign 
Creating A Lead Generation Campaign On Facebook 

Section 3: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies 

In Chapters 11 through 16, we’ll talk about: 

Using Facebook Live For Marketing 
Creating A Facebook Remarketing Pixel 
Creating A Custom Audience 
Creating A Facebook Remarketing Campaign 
Facebook Marketing Strategies That Convert
Simple Tricks To Boost Your Organic Reach

Section 4: Additional Considerations 

In Chapters 17 through 20, we’ll talk about: 

Do's and Don'ts 
Premium tools and Services to consider 
Case Studies 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Well, it’s time for you to start getting the most out of Facebook Marketing. I know you'll love this training.

Here's what you get:

100 page Training Guide,
Quick Reference Sheet,
Resource Guide