Music Business

 These are articles that specifically give you information on the music business itself.

How to Write the Perfect Cold Booking Email

 Anyone who’s ever managed to book gigs for themselves knows that it can often be insurmountably difficult. You spend hours sending emails to every venue in town only to receive automated responses. READ HERE

Becoming a full-time musician: How one artist took the leap.

A year ago, Laini Marenick (of the band Laini and the Wildfire) quit her day job and became a professional musician. Like the first year of any new business endeavor, there were many ups and downs. READ HERE

Don’t Let Intellectual Property Accidents Crash Your Social Media Marketing

Immediate and inexpensive, social media drives advertising directly to your target consumer.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, dedicated blogs, and self-hosted chat forums are important business marketing platforms.  Unfortunately, the ease and speed of posting often lead to thoughtless intellectual property fouls because advertisers often don’t review posts as thoroughly as “real advertising.” READ HERE


With the evolution of the music business in today’s digital age of streaming and downloads; the ancillary income that musicians generate from brand sponsorship and endorsements have become of paramount importance to an artist’s overall earnings. READ HERE


In addition to the considerations we addressed in part one of this piece, there are some other clauses an artist should be aware of and include in a sponsorship agreement. We will now briefly explore some of these matters below. READ HERE

How I raised $40k through my email list (with less than 2000 subscribers on it) 

The first time someone (who didn’t share my last name) contributed to my record-funding campaign, I was floored. And then I got serious anxiety.[That’s actually pretty normal for me and here is how I handle it.] Truthfully, I was terrified – people were actually listening, believing in me, and NOW I NEEDED TO MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN! READ HERE

10 things you need to do as soon as you sign up music for distribution. 

There’s more to getting your music out there than simply pressing the “finalize” button in your dashboard. And there’s a big difference between releasing a new song or album and having that music actually make an impact.  READ HERE

The 5 keys to success with Spotify playlists. 

Lance Allen, the instrumental guitarist who’s paying off his mortgage every month with the money he earns from Spotify, is obviously doing something right. He’s doing quite a few things right, in fact. READ HERE

Make your songs more playlist-friendly with these four editing tricks. 

Your music should meet their needs! READ HERE

Video Marketing In 2018: Artist's Guide 

The stats on video clearly demonstrate that it's one of the best ways for artists to both engage with their audience and spread their message. Here we look at what artists need to consider in terms of originality and content in order to make their video stand out. READ HERE