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How to Get the Most Out of Someone’s Criticism of Your Music. 

Unless you’re one of those rare human beings who somehow manages to not let criticism penetrate your ego, it can sting quite badly when people have not-so-nice things to say about your music; especially when you’ve put a ton of time, energy, and passion into it. READ HERE


Writing a song that captures our feelings and conveys them to an audience is often more difficult than it seems. Sure, it is easy for us to understand every metaphor and to relate to certain emotions that our lyrics describe, but will a perfect stranger understand what we are trying to say? Moreover, songwriters that have to meet a deadline can’t always allow themselves to wait until inspiration hits them. READ HERE

How to NOT lose your voice on tour! 

I’m not sure why losing your voice has become some kind of badge of honor for touring musicians, but I know that I want my voice working at top efficiency every single time I perform or record. My voice is how I make a living and I am very diligent about keeping it in good shape! READ MORE