If you need to get your recorded tracks mixed so that you can sell them as downloads or CDs but have lost income, or will, due to the crisis, please fill out the form HERE to apply for the reduced rates.

Production Services

Mixing & Mastering 

It is within the disposition of some of us to not only be music creators but to have a desire to learn how to manipulate that music through mixing and mastering. For the rest of us, have no fear, I am here. I have learned the craft over 12 years of intensive study, practice, application, and the mentorship of some amazing people. 

With a complete suite of sound-shaping EQs, compressors, limiters, and other effects including high-end mastering software, as well as emulations for the major consoles, including API, SSL, and Neve, I can meet your requirements for an excellent final result. 

If you can't afford to go into a recording studio, I can help you record on your own. Under my special rate for those who need a little help getting started, I can mix & master songs for a lower rate, but the number I can do is limited, and only to help you one time.

Arrangements  & Instrumentation

 If you are, say, a singer/songwriter and play the piano or guitar and desire additional instruments on your songs, they can be provided, including:

Electric or Acoustic Guitar

Electric Bass

Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, and Strings


This can include arranging and writing services to complete your tracks. 

Songwriting & Instrumental Collaborations

I am able to successfully write songs, either for artist performance or for TV, films, internet use, or commercials, also writing instrumentals for the same purposes. I will also consider collaborations for those who are serious about getting our work sold.

Voice Overs

I presently am available for voiceover work, including commercials, explainer videos, film narration, and voice acting,  but I am not reading books at this time.