These are articles that specifically give you information on how to promote yourself and your music or talent.


How to promote an album: 12 essential strategies 

Recording an album is quite the adventure. You go through the process of deciding the time is right to record. You open up your writer’s toolbox and craft some great songs for release. Your team is assembled, you crowdfunded your venture, and you’ve finished up the most exciting part of the journey, recording in the studio. Now it’s time to bring all that hard work to fruition, and release your album to the world! READ HERE

“How I increased my Spotify audience by 33% in one week with”. 

Building a Spotify following with smart online marketing tools. READ HERE

Harnessing Facebook Ads to Grow Your Fanbase. 

Targeted Facebook ads have been very effective and affordable for me in the past, and they can be that for you too. READ HERE

Methods for Sharing Your Music Online. 

While some will be familiar favorites, other methods may surprise you. READ HERE

Promoting Your Music on Instagram Stories 

Instagram has the greatest concentration of music fans. This is worth learning more about! READ HERE

How to Nail Your Artist Interview. 

When you have the opportunity to get interviewed, here is how to make sure you maximize the opportunity. READ HERE

Event Email Templates to Supercharge Your Show Attendance. 

Here are 7 free email templates that can help to get your fans to your shows and keep them coming back. READ HERE