A New Music Video by Randy Berlin is Coming!

This is going to be an amazing video! Here at Timothy Buss Music and Troposphere Records, we are helping Randy get the support he needs to succeed. Rather than making our artists totally financially dependent on a record label, we often use crowdfunding to raise money for projects like this. If this resonates with you, here's your chance to help!

 Now we know that a lot of you would have no problem just giving Randy $5, simply as an act of generosity. For those of you who would, we appreciate you! But let us give you something in return:

The full 7 song EP download of "Road Trip!" This is Randy's latest!

 We make it really easy to help and get your EP all at once! Simply click the link below and you will go right to the download page! Just Click the download link and $5 will be the default setting, and you can get his music! If you want to give more, just enter the amount you want to give. So, here's the link: SUPPORT RANDY

Born on February 28, 1995, in Burmington, Warwickshire, England. Singer, songwriter, musician and music producer. This music lover started to show special musical gifts early, at 9 years old his voice was discovered by his aunt while singing to a song on the radio. Randy began to frequently visit the village Church to learn piano and started to write his own songs; his need for recording them took him to learn guitar, bass, and drums by himself.

In 2010, at the age of 15, he moved to Canada with the help of his grandmother, whom he was living with. He started travelling in Mexico and the US to pursue his dreams and met people in his way that helped him to create a strategy for his career.  

The remarkable voice of Randy Berlin immediately gained him the opportunity to start singing everywhere, but with almost no resources, he began collaborating in recording home studios and took jobs lin the food service industry, language schools, screen printing shops, etc. His goal was to buy his own recording equipment just to record himself the way he wanted: “old school, like big stars do”.  

After all the ups and downs in his life, having to live in different places around North America, Randy has teamed up with Timothy Buss Music in 2019, In the past, he had been releasing tribute cover tracks while preparing his 1st original album. 

His unique voice captures the ears and hearts from every listener.