Playing musical instruments for me goes all the way back to the fourth grade in Michigan, when the music teacher at the elementary school I attended had us all acquire a song flute, which was like a recorder, and every week taught us a new song. I spent the next three years in the school band program as a cornet player, before getting into a band as a bass player in high school.

Along the way, I learned to play the piano from a mail-order course that my mother had used many years before. After high school, I toured for a while, then came back home to set up a recording studio.  Eventually, I ended up playing with and recording several church worship teams, spent many years working as a worship team consultant, and also played with groups at some larger venues, too. Later, when I moved to Richmond, I worked out of a home studio writing production music. I have been a "hired gun" bass player for many years.

Now I am a solo recording artist, in my residence studio in Logan, WV,  I am not only working on music composition, but I am licensing songs for movies and commercials. As well I have developed a course in "Social Media Marketing and Business for Musicians." I am a consultant for musicians and bands looking to become continuously more successful!  I have a growing number of videos on YouTube and TikTok. I am producing new music regularly.