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The music of Timothy Buss can be evocative, serene, inspiring or driving, but if you had only one word to use, you would describe it as powerful. With decades of musical experience, mostly as a sideman, things changed as he developed into a solo artist. He has set out to answer some of modern music's great "what if" questions.
Over the years, he has been influenced by a great number of musicians and music. He has come to find himself drawn to creating music which has elements of both progressive/post-rock and ambient. Of course, these terms can suggest a wide range of music within themselves, so happily, his flavor of progressive, post-rock and ambient music is his own. That's the cool thing about music. You can create something quite unique and personal.
A sizable portion of his music content will be in the form of videos on YouTube, with the music itself available for download.

He recommends for purchases of musical instruments and equipment. Sweetwater has the best customer service in the business! He endorses D'Addario strings and they have been on his instruments exclusively for over 20 years. He also endorses Line 6 Variax guitars, floor pedals, and amplifiers.

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