Hi, I’m Dr. Timothy Buss. I like to share with you something that has been a tremendous help to me for many years. Having discovered at an early age that I had Tourette’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention deficit disorder, you might think that I would be very discouraged by all that. Well, I wasn’t, and I made up my mind that in spite of everything I was going to be successful. . I was always looking for ways to be able to work around the issues that I had to deal with. That said, I was able to have successful careers in both music and social work. 

One thing that I found that help me out immensely was listening to recordings of subliminal messages. They are recorded in an almost inaudible volume so that only your subconscious mind can pick them up. These are messages that helped me to feel better, be more focused, and get things done. I did a lot of research on subliminal messaging and learned that you can actually listen to a number of these messages at one time and absorb them all into your subconscious, but at that time you could only listen to a single stream of the affirmations.

One day, I was in a recording studio to read a self-help book. After I had finished, the studio owner told me about how he had produced subliminal recordings with many messages being delivered simultaneously. I was very excited about this and asked him how he did it and since he knew I didn’t own a recording studio and couldn’t copy his idea he was willing to share it with me.  Sadly, the owner of the studio passed away not too long after he gave me a recording and so I was never able to get anymore. So as my career in music went forward and I developed the knowledge and equipment to record, I realized that I could help not only myself but many others by using his recording technique. While he might have thought that his technique would die with him, I now had the ability to make it happen again. 

I am now producing these super-effective recordings on a regular basis, with new titles being added all the time. They’re very easy to use, inexpensive, and you can have them running in the background and they will work if you’re listening to music or watching TV.

Now, some people have voiced concerns to me about using something that sends messages to your subconscious mind. They have asked me is this like mind control or hypnosis. I tell them no. And here’s why. What research has shown is that there are two things you cannot do with subliminal messages, they simply will not work. First, you can only use positive messages, as negative messages will not take. Number two, the messages cannot get you to do anything or believe anything that is different from what you want for yourself. Before you make a choice to acquire the recordings, the entire list of affirmations is right there for you to see.