Subliminal Recordings

Developing Self Confidence

Affirmations on this recording:

I am confident 
I work to develop needed skills 
I am a worthwhile person 
I handle myself well around others 
People like me 
I like to help 
I believe in myself 
I can make things happen 
People can count on me 
I am strong 
I am getting better every day 
I improve in every way 
I am peaceful 
I am happy 
I am caring

Instructions For Use   

All of the recordings I produce are currently in something called silent mode. That means that there is no audio program playing over the subliminal messages. Some producers of subliminal programs will often put on things like various sounds of nature. But what if you don’t feel like listening to that at a particular moment, what if you’d rather listen to your music? With silent mode tracks, you can do that. You can have the audio player on your computer, laptop, or tablet playing the subliminal program, while you listen to one of any of the online streaming apps that are available. If you download a second audio player onto your system, you can play music through one player and the program in the other. As well, if you listen to TV shows, movies, or services like YouTube on your device you can watch a movie and have the subliminal program on in the background.    

I recommend that you have the master sound level of your device up at about 50% then turn other things up or down for your listening comfort. Using headphones or earbuds will actually make the program even more effective. I recommend that you download the file you will receive to your desktop. That way you will always have easy access to it and so will the player. A question I am often asked is how long should I listen to the programming at any one time.  If the total time you are listening to the subliminal tracks is 2 to 4 hours a day then you should see excellent results.