Services to Help You Succeed

What can I do to help you? I have a passion for helping musical artists! Going forward, I want to help as many small and emerging artists as I can. I have more than 40 years experience in and around the music business and I am ready to put it to work to make a difference for you. 

I am willing to work on a sliding scale to help you get going and grow as an artist. That means I am willing to take less, in some cases, to help talented people get ahead.

Social Media Consulting

The investment you will need for me consulting with you to build you the powerful social media presence you need is just $97.

After completing a questionnaire, we will spend 45 min on the phone doing an initial consultation. You will receive a copy of my book "Social Media Marketing and Business for Musicians." A 15 min follow up call will be scheduled about 2 weeks later to see how you are coming along and to answer questions you may have about how to proceed in the future.

 You may want to try to record yourself or your band and need some technical guidance. I can include that in a complete package with mixing and mastering.


If you think you want to have me produce your music release for you, I can handle that too, to include crowdfunding and whatever else is needed to get you launched successfully.

Comprehensive Mentorship

Sometimes a comprehensive approach is needed depending on your circumstances. If that is what you need, a complete management system can be set up.

Whatever individual services or any combination you need is possible. Simply fill out the questionnaire to get started HERE

 Mixing  & Mastering?  HERE